Xerox® Brenva® HD Production Inkjet Press

The Xerox® Brenva® HD Production Inkjet Press delivers the lowest total cost of ownership and cut sheet gives you greater control over stocks, job setup and finishing options. The Xerox® Brenva® HD enables you to introduce more color into applications, reduce storage costs for offset shells, offload unneeded high-end presses, and consolidate your workflows, presses and floor space.

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To pre-configure a product with the options for a specific printing application choose one of the following, then explore and customize the product with any additional options you may require to meet your needs.

CMYK Transactional Statements

CMYK Transactional Statements are are pages with text and graphics and low area coverage and ink consumption. These are usually long run lengths with variable data, including a variety of data streams (e.g., IPDS, PDF, PDF-VT) Jobs that are printed on offset shells today are a good candidates for this type of work.



Books/Manuals/Booklets are predominantly mono text and graphics with larger sheet sizes and multiple up imposition. These jobs run as blocks and are finished inline.


Marketing Collateral/Business Ducuments

Marketing Collateral/Business Documents have a range of area coverage and ink consumption. Can include graphics and images mixed with text. These types of documents have medium level IQ requirements and static content with little customization. Short run lengths that aren't time sensitive are ideals runs.


Light Direct Mail

Light Direct Mail pieces have higher area coverage and ink consumption. These are usually run on heavier weight stock, usually 8pt-9pt with specific IQ requirements with color matching. A variety of sizes with multiple up impostion and some static and variable content.


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